Requesting Military Support

Federal law enforcement agencies assigned to the Department of Justice or Department of Homeland Security should submit their support requests in writing to Joint Task Force North.

Federal law enforcement agencies should consider the National Guard (NG) as their first alternative for counterdrug support. These requests for military support may be submitted directly to a state NG counterdrug coordinator (CDC).

JTF North strongly encourages all state and local agencies requesting homeland defense support to submit their requests through a federal law enforcement agency. State and local agencies specifically soliciting military counterdrug support should first submit their requests through their state NG CDC. If the NG is unable to fulfill the request, the state and local agencies should then submit their requests to a federal law enforcement agency or a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA).

The support request should contain these essential elements:

Requesting agency and specific point of contact. Specify if other agencies are involved and if the agency is affiliated with a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA).

Specify the type of support that is required to accomplish the mission.

Date required and duration desired. If the specific date is unknown, provide month or calendar quarter.

Specific location for the proposed operation. Specify whether location is on private or public land, or both.

Brief statement as to why military support is needed. This will assist JTF North in determining the type of equipment required. For counterdrug support, you must include the counterdrug nexus in this discussion.

JTF North, in conjunction with its federal law enforcement partners, will further review and validate all requests received. Support requests are specifically reviewed to determine if a valid homeland defense support nexus exists, legal restrictions are complied with, and the support mission type is authorized. Support requests are also evaluated using a threat assessment methodology. Once approved, JTF North will attempt to source the mission with a volunteer military unit or individual.

For further information on requesting support contact:

JTF North Sourcing Officer