JTF-N Partners in Education

Joint Task Force North takes pride in its continuous efforts in the Fort Bliss Partners in Education program, which promotes the significance of volunteerism and community service to area students. The command partners with North Loop Elementary School in the Yselta Independent School District through mutually-supporting events that enable collaboration dedicated to inspiring student success, engaging community involvement and connecting mutual relationships.

The command’s relationship with North Loop Elementary School has been an outstanding example of the bond of commitment between the military and the El Paso community for more than a decade. The joint service members and civilian employees extend a friendly hand to students, teachers and staff by participating in school events as well as allowing the students to experience the service that JTF-N brings to the nation. Each year, JTF-N has supported the school by volunteering more than 300 hours towards numerous student activities including reading, mentoring and special events.

Our staff’s outstanding volunteer work is second to none. Each volunteer benefits from strengthening ties to the community, and through the continuation of the selfless service expected of them. Through Partners in Education, North Loop Elementary benefits from the increased staff assistance in activities to the steady interaction with adults who serve as role models and the positive influence the service members bestow on the students.

It is a fun and creative outlet to share my passion for reading. The time spent with the students is the one time we can interact purely for the sake of entertaining others while educating today's students. It gives me a valid excuse to act like a kid. Roy L. Calvin
Computer Operations Assistant
Joint Task Force North
My father sought to impress upon my brothers and me the concept of social responsibility and duty to our country. He truly believed that our country is great because of our great citizens, those admirable, honest and simple people who rose to the challenge of defending their country when they were called. He went to Vietnam and never thought of saying no. By his example, my brothers and I grew into men who help our neighbors and feel the responsibility to others deep in our hearts. It's the foundation I want my own children to have.Lt. Col. Christopher Hormel 
U.S. Army
Secretary of the Joint Staff
Chief, Anti-terrorism/Force Protection Branch