Military Training Opportunities

Joint Task Force North (JTF-N) utilizes volunteer active-duty and reserve components in active status, as well as individual service members from all four branches of the Department of Defense for the execution of its homeland security support missions. 

The types of units that conduct training in support of missions include air, ground and maritime elements, which operate in diverse environments such as desert, maritime, urban, rural and tropical locations. The units operate primarily along the United States’ southwest border from California to Texas, and also support operations in the Gulf of Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Volunteer units typically report training 90 percent or more of their wartime mission tasks. Volunteers have repeatedly remarked in after-action reports that JTF-N missions provided them with the best training they have ever received, and the challenge of an adaptive and thinking adversary prepared them for future deployments. The unique training environment, involving civilian law enforcement agencies (LEAs), can prepare units for future operational deployments requiring unity of effort and synchronization among multiple agencies. 

While executing a JTF-N mission, military units and individuals are under the tactical control of the JTF-N commander and work in direct support of a federal LEA. 

JTF-N will generally fund costs to include travel, per diem and other associated mission costs; services pay for flying hour costs for active-duty and reserve component units. Reserve pay and allowances are paid for by each individual service or by reserve funding available to JTF-N. 

For more information, please contact: 

JTF-N Operations
Office: 915-741-7820