Support to Law Enforcement

Joint Task Force North (JTF-N) provides military support to law enforcement agencies (LEAs) to anticipate, detect, deter, prevent and defeat transnational threats to the homeland. All military support for homeland security is based on support requests submitted to JTF-N by designated federal LEAs or federally-designated High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) programs. 

JTF-N seeks volunteer military units to provide the requested operational support in compliance with the statutory guidelines for the domestic employment of military forces. JTF-N facilitates mission planning and execution with the volunteer unit and the supported agency. In accordance with Department of Defense (DoD) policy, missions must have a training value to the military unit or provide a significant contribution to national security. While JTF-N continues to support a mission with DoD personnel on the ground, it integrates technology, using ground sensors, radar, airborne platforms and thermal imaging to not only reduce the manpower requirements but also conduct more effective border detection.

JTF-N’s intelligence efforts have shifted from the border outward, deeper into the approaches to the United States. Working more closely with other agencies, the command strives to gain greater visibility on threats as they enter the U.S. Northern Command area of responsibility and focuses on illuminating threat networks. JTF-N emphasizes shared situational awareness through increased collaboration and engagement with intelligence and LEA partners. JTF-N is an effects multiplier assisting LEAs to secure the homeland by providing supplemental and unique capabilities. 

For more information, please contact: 

JTF-N Operations
Office: 915-741-7820